There is Too Much at Risk

My name is Courtney Bass. I reside in Pearland, TX, which is right outside of Houston, in Brazoria County. I’m an Eyewear Consultant by day and a Graphic Designer by night. I’m a black woman, a Democrat, a recent college graduate, an entrepreneur, and a single mother determined to improve the world that my son will inherit, among many other things. I have utilized low-income government programs in the past, and I currently utilize the HealthCare Marketplace for a slightly affordable insurance plan for the two of us. I am everything that the current president and his cabinet stand against. I am your typical, extraordinary, average American.  There is so much at risk for me and other hard-working people like me in this election cycle and in the days to follow. I worry that women, POC, and all relationships will not be allowed equal opportunities and safety from discrimination. I worry that I will be paying student loan debt for the rest of my life; and if my son decides to go to college, that it will be astronomical, at this rate. I worry that I won’t be able to obtain affordable, quality healthcare in the future, and that my health will become a luxury. I worry that our criminal justice system will continue to fail POC, and claim the lives of our loved ones. I worry that I will continue to pay increasing amounts of taxes, and not see it used for good in our cities, states, and country. I worry about the obstacles that I will face as I grow my business. If you too worry about any of these things, this is our time to speak up.

We must, as Democrats, regain control of the House, the Senate, and The White House, when the time comes. For the first time in decades, the presidential margin in Texas was down to single digits in the presidential race of 2016.  We were so close to gaining control of our great state. Since then, we have found new ways to be intersectional and inclusive, and new ways to make our communities and environment better. We have grown and are even more ready to take action and ensure equality and equity for all.  We can stop problematic legislation from being put into law under the horrific Trump Administration. There are record numbers of Democrats, record numbers of BLACK Democrats running for Congress, state House and state Senate. They need our support. We must work together to TURN TEXAS BLUE. Please, get registered and vote in the March Primary on March 6th, and then in the General Election on November 6th. Don’t miss this opportunity to be an integral part of the shift in this country’s history. You’ll be glad you were a part of the page that read, and then…“The Fall of the Trump Administration: Black Democrats Pushed to Turn Texas Blue”.

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