As we see a resurgence of interest and activity in politics – at a national, statewide and local level – we want to amplify the voices of Black voters. We asked a group of Black Democrats from West Texas to East Texas, and both north and south, to share what’s important to them about the 2018 elections.

The result is a collection of blogs and videos representing rural Texans, millennials, baby boomers, LGBTQ community, and veteran political activists. We will be sending these viewpoints out every few weeks leading up to the November 2018 elections. The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats Black Voices, Black Voter Series highlights the diversity of the voices of Black Democrats across the state.

The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats is dedicated to electing blacks across the state and amplifying our issues.  In 2018 Blacks candidates are stepping up across the state to lead. In Texas, Black Democrats running for office include:

  • 18 for US Congress
  • 1 for Governor
  • 1 for Lt. Governor
  • 34 for State House of Representatives

This is something we can be proud of and we must work together to build the necessary coalitions and infrastructure to make gains in elected officials across our state.

We hope you will be inspired to get involved in a campaign and get others in our community out to vote.  Please share the Black Voices, Black Voter Series on your social media networks and your thoughts with us.

Gene Collins is the current president of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats.  He has been active in politics his entire career serving on the Texas NAACP Environmental Justice Committee, as a minister, and as a Red Cross Disaster Relief coordinator. A former Black Panther, Collins studied sociology in college and is a dedicated volunteer and civil rights activist.

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