The history and culture of the African American community is filled with struggles, both physical and spiritual. As a People we have responded the challenges placed before us with courage and tenacity resulting in the humanitarian elevation for all mankind. The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats has embraced this rich heritage of accomplishment as we strive to make this state and nation places of equality, opportunity and justice for all men and women, boys and girls by formulating policies that are fair and equitable, and by developing and supporting leadership that share in the moral movement to make us a more perfect union.

Please join us in our effort to enact fair and just legislation, to recruit and support candidates who love justice, to create and to deliver messaging that will educate and motivate good people to become more active in politics, and to stimulate a sometimes lethargic electorate to recognize the value of their vote, and the devastating results of not responsibly exercising the constitutional right to vote.


*Stimulate in African Americans an active interest in governmental affairs.
*Facilitate African American participation in the Democratic Party.

*Perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party.

*Attract new members to the Coalition of Black Democrats.

*Help acquaint voters and potential voters with the issues and candidates.

*Promote by our efforts the highest degree of governmental response to public need.

*Promote and facilitate economic development as it impacts and interfaces with political participation in the African American communities of this state.



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