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The Texas Coalition of Black Democrats stands in solidarity with our allies and constituents across the nation as we address the issues of structural and socioeconomic marginalization of blacks within our healthcare system. Current systemic structures have a disproportionate impact on the health of men, women, and children of color in our nation and the state of Texas. The Hippocratic oath is best known for the line, “…first do no harm”; but the Texas State Legislature’s unwillingness to embrace the Affordable Care Act coupled with non­expansion of the Medicaid, restrictions on sex education (abstinence only teaching), restricting women’s access statewide, and an unwillingness to really address mental health access has and will continue to result in a widening of disparities and an increase in adverse outcomes. *Below you will find a statement distilled from various articles and sources ranging from the Texas Tribune, Ebony Magazine, Kaiser Family Foundation and U. S. Health and Human Services Data regarding the data associated with the ACA and its impact.

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